Career Counselling Cell

Jyotish Engti
Name: Mr. Jyotish Engti
CO-ORDINATOR CCC, Panigaon OPD College
Department : ECONOMICS
Contact No. : 8638284484
The CCC of Panigaon OPD College was established in the year 2010. The primary objective of the cell is to provide guidance and motivation to students to understand different competitive examinations related to job opportunities and exploring various career avenues in the current market scenario through lectures by inviting eminent personalities from academic institutions, administration and reputed organizations.
1. To help in the total development of the student.
2. To help in the proper choice of courses.
3. To help in the proper choice of careers.
4. To minimize the mismatching between education and employment and help in the efficient use of manpower.
5. To ensure the proper utilization of time spent outside the classrooms.
Plan of Action
(For Next Six Month)
In order to fulfil the objectives mentioned above, The CCC is planning to take following actions within next 6 months.
1. Internal activity:
To aware the new generation about their career the CCC, Panigaon OPD College wills to take following actions –
a) Free Coaching for different State & Central Competitive Exams:
In this programme, initially CCC will conduct a basic test for the students. Among the participants 50 to 100 students will be selected for Free Coaching, so that we can run the programme in digital class room under infrastructural constrain.
The course will maintain the standard of State & Central level Exams like – APSC, SSC GD, CHL, CGL, ASSAM TET, and Other Government Exams organized by ASSM GOVT.
Each and every class will be recorded and uploaded on educational platforms like – YouTube, Classify etc. so that all the students get benefited from this coaching.
b) Special Programme on Career Awareness:
The CCC, Panigaon OPD College is planning to organize a One Day Career Awareness Programme. This programme will help the student to realize their potential and to set their future goals. A counselor of any reputed causing institution (like BHADRA IAS, SPM IAS ACCADEMY etc.) will be invited to motivate the students for higher thinking.
c) Installation of Display Board:
All the latest employment news will be displayed on the Display Board. The Board will be set in college premise so that the student can access it easily. It will be updated regularly.
2. External Activity:
a) Extension Programme:
The CCC, Panigaon OPD is planning to organize various career related extension programmes by collaborating different Higher Secondary & Secondary Schools, so that we can help the student to know and understand their self and the world of work in order to make career, educational, and life decisions.