DR B.D Nisha
Assistant Professor, Department of Assamese
BD Nisha
Department of Assamese
Designation - Assistant Professor
Email - bdnishabaruah@gmail.com
Education:  MA,NET, Ph.D
Professional Experience: 
* Assistant Professor at Majuli College 
* Research associate at Cotton University 
* Assistant Professor at Panigaon Om Prakash Dinodia College from 2022
* Literature 
* Area of Interest: Modern Literature, Literary Theory, Culture

Ø  Dr. B D Nisha

Ø  Research Publication in   Journal/ Book Chapter:

Ø  An Ecocritical Study of Assamese Poetry; 6th International conference on Language, Literature of Assamese Poetry and Society; Malaysia. International center for Research & Development, ISBN- 978-995-4543-50-8; 2019,

Ø  Corona to Krishna: Creating an Ambient Ecology for Post-Corona Third-World Literature; Journal of

Critical Reviews ISSN- 2394-5125; Scopus Indexed Journal; 2020

Ø  Exploring Techniques of Face-Mask Preparation: An Unique Socio-Ethnic Product of disha and Assam; International Journal of Psychological Rehabitation ISSN: 1475-7192; Scopus Indexed Journal, UGC Care listed; 2020

Ø  Pariparswik Sahitya Somalochana aro Mahim Borar Chutigalpa : Eti Adhyan; The Heritage Vol:X, Issue-2 ;ISSN-2229-5399; UGC Care Listed ; 2019

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Ø  Mukha Shilpa: Eti Abolukan; Dogo Rangsang, Vol-VIII: July ISSN: 2347- 7180; UGC CareListed; 2021

Ø  The Assam Bilashini and Its Contribution to the Assamese Print Media: A Holistic View; Anandam , A Journal of Anandaram Borooah Institute of Language Literature and Culture, Assam, Vol.11 ISSN: 2394-9023; UGC Care Indexed; 2022